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Advanced objects maps

Visual everything in objects oriented maps, presented by object types(resource type) for easy overall top view. All resources are divided into buckets, providers, suppliers, VLANs, networks, data centers, racks, subnets, network gear, and self-defined tags. Click on each map object to get full object summary and other info. You are always two clicks away from every resource full summary and review.

CMDB & CI Types

Allprobe has full implementation of the CMDB standards with strong attention to important IT objects. Over 200 CMDB CI classes aligned with strong IT logic allowing a 360-degree view of your IT whether it is on-prem or on some cloud provider.

IT rooms management

Visual all your IT rooms. Map resources such as racks, hosts, network devices to rooms.

Resource / Host Grouping

Group resources by relevancy. Allprobe objects binding system is very flexible. You can bind resources and main objects to Buckets that could be any logical group, DataCenters, pin to racks, pin to network devices to remote ports, providers(public or private cloud or dedicated providers), bind resources to hardware suppliers and much more.

Network Devices Visualized

Managing network devices is not always straightforward. We made the process of visualizing network ports simple, pin resource to a remote port and view what's connected to it in an easy-to-understand way.
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Racks management

Visual all your racks. Place your hardware inside racks and group racks in data centers. Pin resources to racks for easy reference and clear resources view.

IPAM (IP management)

Auto managed subnets are subnets that are created automatically when adding resources/hosts IP addresses to the system. They are created initially as class C subnet for easy IP visualization. You can change the subnet CIDR or create "not managed subnets" as well. Self-managed subnets are subnets that you create manually. Resources IPs & special IP pools(e.g., DHCP pools) will populate those subnets eventually by a background process, so you don't have to bind resources manually.


SLA - Availability & response sensitivity checks. We track SLA ּּStatistics and Averages on any configured external checks. When you add monitoring to a host/resource, additionally to the checks made, the system will also accumulate and calculate statistics on the quality, availability, response sensitivity of those checks and will alert on any SLA issues by notification on UI or Email report.

Licenses & Warranties

Hardware / Software licenses & warranties management as part of the CMDB implementation.

Host Network Interfaces/IPs

Confiure IPs, bond intefaces, trunks, VLANs, remote ports, L2, Interfaces type for each host. The system will auto poplulate and calculate.
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