Manage Your Entire IT Ecosystem

Advanced objects maps

Visualize your IT assets through object oriented maps that offer a bird’s-eye view of your company’s resources. All assets are automatically divided into categories, or buckets, such as providers, networks, data centers, racks, subnets, and CMDB configuration items & Types. This structure provides an overall, top view of your entire IT ecosystem, thus making it simple to manage and monitor. Full summaries, object reports, and other information can be retrieved simply by clicking on the object name in the map.

Uptime Report

Infrastructures View

Index all of your Data Centers around the world, IT rooms & Racks

Providers Maps

Map Resources to your providers such as AWS, Google cloud, Azure and others.

CMDB & CI Types

AllProbe fully complies with CMDB standards and offers over 200 pre-built CMDB CI items & Types that are aligned with strong IT logic. Seamlessly gain a 360-degree view of your IT, whether it’s on prem or on a cloud provider.

Root Cause analysis (RCA)

Trace Services & Micro Services relations (depend on me / I depend on). Services & Micro Services can be fully documented & Visualized. When adding monitoring hosts and then as relations to services, Allprobe try to predict the root cause of issues or a problem, sorted by relevance and importance learned from the monitoring events and the importance of the configuration items establishing the service.


AllProbe provides a supplementary monitoring layer that tracks all SLA statistics and averages configured on any external check.

By incorporating this monitoring layer within a host or resource, AllProbe will accumulate and calculate statistics regarding the quality, availability, and response sensitivity of those checks. Additionally, it will notify you when any SLA issue arises via app notification or email report.

Network Devices Visualized

Managing networks can be complicated and are not always straightforward. AllProbe makes visualizing network ports simple by design. Easily pin resources to remote ports and view what’s connected to it in an understandable manner.
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Agent Less Monitoring

Monitoring layer based only on SNMP (+extensions) and BASH SNMP integrator read more

Mobile APP

Mobile application (Android + iOS), so you can get a glimpse of your IT resources status from everywhere.

Licenses & Warranties

Get a glimpse of all your product licenses and warranties as part of the CMDB management implementation.

IPAM (IP management)

When adding resources or host IP addresses to the system, auto managed subnets are initially created automatically as a class C subnet for easy IP visualization. Dependingon business needs, you can change the subnet CIDR, create "not managed subnets", or self-manage all your sublets by creating them manually. Resource IPs and special IP pools, such as DHCP pools, will populate these subnets through a background process so you don't have to bind resources manually.

IT rooms management

Get an overview of your IT rooms by mapping resources such as racks, hosts, and network devices into IT rooms.

Host Network Interfaces/IPs

Configure IPs, bond interfaces, trunks, VLANs, remote ports, and L2s by providing the interfaces type for each host. The system will auto populate and calculate.
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