Save Time and Money Administrating Your IT Resources and Monitoring Tasks

Take control over your growing IT management needs and Document, Organize, Supervise & Visualize it all, add monitoring to it, arrange them in Buckets, Data Centers, IT rooms, Racks, Offices, Providers, Suppliers. Administrating large networks (VLANs. Switches, Gateways, static routes, WAN/MAN/LAN fibers, L2, subnets & IP pools), Private & Public Clouds shouldn't be hard, keeping it all simple is essential.
Linux OS
Main Features
IT Re-mastered
Master your resources. Document, Visualize & Organize everything in hosts maps divided by objects that synchronized with internal CMDB engine. Some of the top challenges of today’s IT departments whether it is small or large is support for fast changing businesses as well as optimization and improvements.
Cloud Based Accessible from Anywhere
Simple and features reach UI. Wizards based and bulk operations aimed for large organizations with thousands of hosts & Configuration Items.
Easy visualization of CMDB classes, CI items & unique IT objects: buckets, Data-Centers, IT rooms, Racks, Providers, Hardware Suppliers, IP(s), Subnets, Network Devices Ports, Dedicated lines, Fibers, VLANs & much more.
Take Control of Your IT
With powerful daily summary reports of what's important. Manage simple inventories, warranties, and software licenses. Know where each resource is located. Public Clouds divided by providers, Private Clouds divided by Hypervisors, private networks, and networking gear are fully visualized.
Management of IT departments could be a mess, different Vendors, Suppliers and Warranties by itself is a hard and chaotic task. Allprobe makes this process very easy by allowing you to have complete view of your entire IT ecosystem down to hardware Suppliers, Warranties, HW manufacturer, Purchase ID & much more.
Easy to Use 2 Steps Wizards
Wizards lets you add hosts to the system in bulk mode, import resources from JSON file directly and handle monitoring tasks (import monitoring packages and bind them to hosts).
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Advanced Features
Monitoring Layer
Availability(Ping), Application Ports (TCP, UDP), Traceroute, RBL, HTTP (websites responses & issues), SNMP (agent less)
Developer friendly Restful API to help you integrate your Allprobe Data with your own to keep things in sync.
Get detailed reports of all your important IT summaries, hardware, warranties, events & issues.
Basic machine learning implementation (future event prediction opportunities)
Per resource SLA tracking & statistics for each monitored host.
Innovative Approach
Agent less SNMP deep monitoring with only BASH SNMP integrator (Linux only)
Infrastructure & Availability Checks
Start measure the response time and availability of your hosts with simple TraceRoute and Ping checks made from various Geo locations. Note issues on the go with mobile application and call or email the responsible IT entity, provider or data center NOC directly. Save time and money contacting the right person when issues occurs.
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Choose the Right Wizard
Easy 2 steps wizards to help you get started with minimum efforts.
Supervise Your Resources
Start master your resources online with reach dashbourd or events based mobile application.