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Extensions # Basic TCP / UDP exceptions
Posted by Ran Hartal | 2019-02-22 13:24:45
Posted by Ran Hartal
2019-02-22 13:24:45

Extensions >> Basic TCP / UDP exceptions

Allprobe's TCP / UPD (network layer) exceptions monitoring template is using the build-in Net-SNMP OIDs.

The Basic Network template is especially meaningful detecting basic core network flacuations such as DDOS attacks or sudden rais in connections. Those probes are also useful in identifying faulty network equipment.

The following SNMP OIDs is added when you add this monitoring template to a host:

Name OID Sample rate
icmpDestUnreachs 120 seconds
icmpInEchos 60
icmpInMsgs 60
icmpOutDestUnreachs 60
icmpOutEchoReps 60
icmpOutMsgs 60
segments received in error (e.g., bad TCP checksums) 30
tcpActiveOpens 60
tcpCurEstablished 30
tcpEstabResets 60
tcpOutSegments 60
tcpPassiveOpens 60
The number of TCP segments sent containing the RST flag 30
udpInDatagrams 60
udpInErrors 30
udpOutDatagrams 60

This template is also configured with some triggers to produce an alert/event on sudden rais in connections happening in an ongoing DDOS attack.

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