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Common SNMP configurations failures
Posted by Allprobe Technical Writer | 2019-02-17 23:19:50
Posted by Allprobe Technical Writer
2019-02-17 23:19:50

Common SNMP configurations failures

To start collecting valuable SNMP based data you need to follow few steps on UI and on the monitored host.

On UI goto your settings area, most right upper icon, goto Collectors Tab

Add new SNMP template, If you don't have deep knowledge of SNMP use v2 as v3 requires few more security settings, you can always add new SNMP template or update existing templates later. Fill all the SNMP settings you want to use on your hosts, it can be existing SNMP setup or completely new. Those setting will be configured on your monitored hosts when running AllProbe SNMP integrator BASH.

If you added monitoring templates to Hosts through wizards but didn't select SNMP template on the wizard, you need to bind SNMP template to those hosts from Allprobe UI (bulk Hosts update) . Goto main Hosts Grid from the left menu options under resources, from the Hosts table, check required hosts, On action icon, choose Group Selected Hosts, from the bulk update form choose the SNMP template and update the form.

Run the SNMP integrator on the monitored host(see supported OSs), The SNMP integrator currently support most of the Linux distros.
You can copy the exact integrator CLI syntax from the Hosts summary page. It is also presented after adding monitoring to new hosts.

The configuration will take place in a few minutes.

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