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Solution Overview
Posted by Ran Hartal | 2018-05-05 10:19:43
Posted by Ran Hartal
2018-05-05 10:19:43


Solution Overview

Since 2013  we provide management & monitoring cloud services(SAAS & PAAS) to clients in a few countries and we keep growing and improving. Allprobe helps organizations, businesses & IT departments to optimize IT efficiency, accuracy, lower IT ROI and much more.

Allprobe services explained:

At first, Allprobe is an IT tool, meant for any IT person, SMB or enterprise. The main goal of Allprobe is to make IT more precise and straightforward to manage and eventually monitor several IT aspects as well with additional monitoring layer integrated into the system.

Allprobe is an IT tool built by IT people living and breathing IT for many years, and it meant to make IT more simple. We achieve simplicity by combining ITAM with CMDB and with robust UX design.

Who is it for?
Allprobe suites for any person or company that has IT, of any size. It is best feet in situations where the IT has many Hosts, e.g., servers, virtual servers, Cloud services like AWS, workstations, network devices and any other kind of configuration items such as IT documentations like howtos that need to be accessible for different users and rolls, software, hardware, vendors, license and even basic IT accounting such as calculation of the monthly IT costs across categories(CIs under CMDB Types) relying on integration with the CMDB module.

What Allprobe is not
Allprobe is not a network protocol analyzer tool, although we plan to offer a client-side agent that integrates with the core system in the future, Allprobe is also not a log analyzer.

The Allprobe monitoring layer is best feet for infrastructures monitoring such as ICMP, TCP port checks, Traceroute, HTTP (e.g., monitor websites or API gateways) and SNMP.
Allprobe monitoring layer is a distributed monitoring probe cluster spread across data centers and regions and right now is best in doing black box monitoring from outside the server being checked(e.g., PING, application availability, and response time variations). Allprobe can also collect SNMP based data from monitored hosts.
The SNMP data collectors can collect all kinds of system information you define such as CPU, disk usage, web server connections, etc.. SNMP can be extended using SNMP extensions, some of which are ready to use by pre-built monitoring matrices written in BASH. It is recommended to read more about it at AllProbe SNMP integrator explained

Allprobe also makes good use of the collected numbers and trends by using machine learning layer and extra calculations layers such as SLA to try and give you useful advice right when you need it.
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