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Posted by Ran Hartal | 2018-05-05 10:26:33
Posted by Ran Hartal
2018-05-05 10:26:33

SLA explained

SLA in Allprobe terminology are quality, availability, response sensitivity checks. We track SLA ּּStatistics and Averages on any configured PING / ICMP, PORT (TCP / partial UDP port checks) or HTTP (website, APIs, webservices) check. When you add monitoring (probe types PING or PORT) to a host / resource, additionally to the checks made, the system will also accumulate and calculate statistics on  the quality, availability & response fluctuations of those checks and will alert on any SLA issues by notification on UI & email report.

Tracking the fluctuations of various simple and not invasive checks such as HTTP, PORT, PING, are the foundation and a significant matrix to consider when measuring IT services & microservices environments.

SLA is also ubiquitous and essential for various API health checks, so, for example, one use case can include checking the response time of some API calls such as:

You configure the 3 URLs at website monitoring(under "monitor websites & URLs wizard" then can be alerted (also on mobile application) when there are issues with any of those URLs and API calls, when the response time of those calls are too slow(configured by a threshold, the default value is five seconds), you also get notification on email when the SLA of those checks are below 98% on given one hour) which could be very helpful report to have in edition.

What else.. you can also configure the URLs check to be made from various geo locations, we keep increasing the number of supported geolocation data centers of the origin checks made by our probe servers. By default if not changes in the wizard, it is configuring the tests from two geolocations.

How To's

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