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Purpose & Benefit
Posted by Ran Hartal | 2019-02-17 23:31:32
Posted by Ran Hartal
2019-02-17 23:31:32

CMDB Purpose & Benefit

The CMDB is a fundamental component of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework's Configuration Management process.
CMDBs are used to keep track of the state of assets such as products, systems, software, facilities, people as they exist at specific points in time, and the relationship between all assets.

A CMDB helps an organization understand the relationship between the components of a system and to track their configurations.
The maintenance of this information allows for certain actions, such as the reconstruction of assets, to occur at any point in time.
CMDBs can also be used for things like impact analysis, root cause analysis, or change management.

CMDB implementations often involve federation – the inclusion of data into the CMDB from other sources – such as asset management, in such a way that the source of the data retains control of the data.

In the context of ITIL, the use of CMDBs is as part of infrastructure operations and support. The CMDB represents the authorized configuration of the significant components of the IT environment.

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