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CMDB intro
Posted by Ran Hartal | 2019-02-17 23:29:22
Posted by Ran Hartal
2019-02-17 23:29:22

CMDB intro

A configuration management database (CMDB) is a database used by an organization to store information about hardware and software assets (commonly referred to as configuration items [CI]).

This database acts as a data warehouse for the organization and also stores information regarding the relationship between its assets.
The CMDB provides a means of understanding the organization's critical assets and their relationships, such as information systems.

A CMDB does not address the usual IT concerns of functionality, availability, and performance but instead addresses how components are connected and constructed, as well as their dependencies upon other components. Like all operational tools, a CMDB is helping predict and prevent service disruptions by shortening problem resolution time and improving quality of service. However, a CMDB does add the new dimension of structure.

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