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We currently support PayPal subscriptions via the online system. We do support credit cards as well but currently not via the online UI. Please write us for more details.

No, our plans are based on pay-per-use and adaptive. You don't need to upgrade or downgrade your plan, we calculate it based on your current usage.

It depends on your resources usage, if you have less then five hosts, no monitoring and the rest of the resources are less the free forever threshold then everything will continue functioning normally. However, if your account has more then 5 Hosts or other resources, then your account will be held locked with a PayPal subscription option. After completing with the PayPal subscription, you will be redirected back to your account, and it will be unlocked.

Allprobe free account includes up to 5 Hosts for management and up to 1 host with any monitoring enabled.

No particular plan, the minimum basic fee should feet the enterprise (65$) up to 25 Hosts after that it will start calculating the extra hosts above 25 based on the usage according to the management pricing table above. You are welcome to write us for particular use cases and pricing.
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