Document All Your IT Resources

Organize your IT rooms, Data Centers, Networking gear, Cloud Providers & Inventories, add monitoring to your resources. Master your IT.


Document & Organize up to 5 servers, IT resources & assets. Or monitor up to 1 host.

Small Business

Monitor or just Document 5-50 servers, IT Resources, websites & assets. CMDB enabled up to 250 CI items.


Monitor or just Document unlimited servers, IT resources, websites & assets. CMDB enabled with unlimited CI items.

Why Allprobe?

Document, Visualize, Supervise & Monitor all your IT resources

CMDB (Configuration Management Database)

Over 200 CMDB CI classes aligned with strong IT logic and experience

Super fast navigation between objects

Hardware / Software licenses & warranties management

ITAM (IT Infrastructure Management) fully integrated with CMDB

IPAM (IP Management), Auto IPs to subnets binding (CMDB integrated)

Asset Management

DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management). Aligned with CMDB

Racks Visualization

Network Devices (aka switches) visualization

Map Data Center rooms (Racks, Network Devices, PDUs, UPSs)

Scales easily

Developer friendly Restful API to help you keep things in sync

Service offered as SAAS & PAAS with minimum efforts

Simple to use

Allprobe Pay - Per - Use module is very affordable

Monitoring with Agent less, based on SNMP BASH integrator

Easy wizards

Easy, intuitive monitoring templates to suit many needs.

Using big data foundations with advanced analytics capabilities

Bulk setups supported

Backup your schema and data to JSON

Simple & fun to use


Scales easily

Easy to setup

CMDB implementation emphasized on IT

Minimal get started and study time

Developer friendly API

Supports for Android & iPhone apps


Fast and efficient charts based on datapoints rollups

Monitoring with Agentless - BASH based SNMP extensions Supported apps

Continuous free support

Constant development and new features based on your feedback


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